Academic Accomodations

Wesleyan School will offer a limited amount of accommodations to students who qualify. These accommodations are outlined in a Wesleyan Accommodation Plan (AP), that will be written by Nancy Jones, LS Counselor, and signed by the parent.

Accommodations/modifications will be available to Wesleyan students who have submitted the following required documentation:

  • A complete psychoeducational evaluation completed by a licensed psychologist within the last five years
  • Achievement/IQ/Aptitude Test Data completely listed within evaluation
  • A specific diagnosis
  • Recommendations for services/accommodations for the classroom

Wesleyan will offer the following accommodations within the classroom if they are consistent with specific recommendations included in the student’s psychoeducational evaluation:

  • Preferential Seating (near teacher, between well-focused students, away from distractions i.e. windows, hallways, etc.)
  • Extra Seat or Table Space for “expanding” work area, when possible
If you have any questions regarding accommodations, please contact Nancy Jones, Lower School Counselor, at