Yearly Plan

Continue to work hard on your studies. Colleges care about your course work and grades throughout your entire senior year.
Take five core classes!
Attend visits from college representatives held on our campus.
Visit the colleges you are serious about.
Meet with your college counselor to review your list of colleges.
Create a spreadsheet with all application and scholarship deadlines as well as required documents for each school to which you plan to apply. You can download a template from the College Advising website.
Prepare applications, write essays, send test scores. Adhere to guidelines. Keep a record of everything.
If necessary, retake the ACT or SAT in the fall.
Research and apply for financial aid and scholarships.
Read your mail and email for admissions decisions. Be sure to return promptly any other forms, housing agreements and deposits. Only put an enrollment deposit down at the one school you plan to attend.