Free SAT Practice 

The Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) is the nation's most widely-used standardized test for admissions into colleges or universities.
The test consists of sections in critical reading, mathematical reasoning and writing abilities.
The SAT tests the critical skills needed for academic success in college.
To register for the SAT and to view upcoming test dates, visit
If you register to take the SAT at Wesleyan, the testing site code is 11122.

SAT Subject Tests

The subject tests measure students' knowledge and skills in a particular subject area and the ability to apply that knowledge.
We advise students to take subject tests in May or June following their junior year, particularly after completing an AP course.
Speak with the college advisors regarding the specific subject tests that you should consider taking.

Free ACT Practice

The American College Test (ACT) consists of five sections in english, mathematics, reading comprehension, science reasoning and writing.
When you register for the ACT, it is imperative that you register for the ACT plus writing.
To register and to view upcoming test dates, visit
If you register to take the ACT at Wesleyan, you should enter the testing site code 216260.

Recommendations and Guidelines from College Advising

Registration for the SAT and ACT (with writing) is the responsibility of the student. 
Register early since the test centers are filled on a first come, first serve basis. 
All juniors should take the SAT and ACT during second semester of the junior year. Students in Geometry should wait until at least March, but a student in Pre-Calculus can take either test as early as January. 
After receiving your test scores assess your performance with your college advisor and register for your next test dates in May, June, or early fall. Summer is a prime time to prepare to retake the SAT or ACT. A majority of students will see an increase in scores from junior to senior year.  
If a student is interested in applying to a military academy, he or she should take the test in January of junior year.
Students must request his or her scores be sent by the College Board and ACT directly to the colleges to which an application is to be submitted. Failure to do so will result in incomplete applications. 
All scores will be sent to Wesleyan automatically when students enter Wesleyan's code (110261).