College Representatives

College Representatives,

Welcome to Wesleyan School! We are excited that you are interested in planning a visit to our campus.
Please click here to schedule your visit.
If you have trouble finding a convenient time, please feel free to contact Dayna Thomson, our College Advising Office’s Administrative Assistant. She will be happy to work with you to coordinate a time.

About Your College Representative Campus Visit

  • We make each college a priority. We advertise your visit through our website, weekly announcements, Naviance, and person-to-person contact with our College Advisors.
  • Your visit time will be no more than one hour. We allow College Representatives one class period to host their informational session. If you do not use the whole time, students are required to return to class.
  • Students are encouraged to attend informational sessions in their junior and senior years. They are required to get teacher permission to miss class, are not allowed to miss an assessment, and are not required to sign up for your session.
  • Should no students attend your session, you will have the opportunity to meet with one of our College Counselors for 20 minutes.